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What is your ideal time off you need to consider it a vacation?

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Heat Wave!

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Everybody thinks Winter is bad on us, well lets not forget Summer, Summer has the same effect, very dangerous if you don’t take some precautions all day and planning to combat the heat it will win and become dangerous to your health. When working: Water, Water, Water! Pace yourself. Air conditioning. Get some shade. Perspiring keeps you cool. Don’t over …


NYC Transit Museum

Sam Brooklyn North, History, Travel 1 Comment

Nice nostalgia day, some of it, I experienced when I was growing up, but for the most part the exhibit are before my time. Grandson and I visited this museum this summer and we had a good day but i think he was looking more for engine trains(CHOO-CHOOs-Thomas the train types) instead of the car types that was used in …

American Flag

Saving USA Jobs?

Sam DSNY Family 2 Comments

I want  to ask each of you to consider doing the  following when you are talking on the phone  to any U.S. company’s customer  service representative that is based in a  foreign country (like India ). Any time  you call an 800 number (for a credit card,  banking, charter communications, health and  other insurance, computer help desk, etc)  and you …


Realist Mom’s Garage Sale Tips (or, how not to have a garage sale induced anxiety attack) (via )

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This is for Wanda and the Gang:) First, let me apologize for being away for so long. Between my eldest’s elementary graduation and then getting her off to camp and the general insanity that comes with end of school/beginning of summer – let’s just say it’s been crazy here. So – I had my garage sale. And it went really …


Free Day!

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Yep its almost that time.  Mojito Vacation, get away and relax in the shade of a nice big tree with a summer drink 🙂 Related articles Guilt Free Cocktail: Mojito Dreams do come True on Day 2 at Sea Dreams Innocent Bystander Moscato Mojitos and Jimmy Overalls My Love Affair With Trees Ciate mani month day 23 (Mojito) Save the …




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