19 out of 21 Days (Night Shift)

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Boy that had to be one of the longest stretch of time I could remember doing with so much going on. When I started this journey my son had just arrived for the holidays, everything look like we will have a nice time with him and his family before he ships out to Hawaii for 3 years. It was not to be so, Blizzard hit and the rest is history, what started out as a regular Snow Storm became the talk of the Nation. Unbelievable! CNN, FOX, LOCAL  TV,  National Newspapers, and Bloggers. I haven’t seen one blogger talking about it since the Council Hearings.

Throw in 2 more snow events, some wicked cold nights and Walla, you have guys doing 27 days straight(that’s the most I have seen) exhausted. I thought I did well considering, starting with allergies and ending with a smokers cough(Bronchitis) for 4 7 days. I did a survey for ambulances stuck after the storm, I went out of town a couple of days, and the rest of the nights were spent in 61 Sec., with a couple of special projects here and there and I would say interesting 3 weeks and a well deserved 2 days off coming.

What happen in those 21 days:

  1. New Sanitation Workers put to the test.
  2. Someone screws up the Snow Plan.
  3. Supervisors accused of Slow Down.
  4. Demotion of Supervisors.
  5. Chiefs reassigned.
  6. EMS Boss reassigned.
  7. Investigations.
  8. 3 Snow Events.
  9. Council Hearings.
  10. DSNY helps keeps the city safe. GOOD JOB BOYS AND GIRLS

PS: The saddest part for me of those 21 days, is not having enough time off to see my Son his Wife and my two  Grandsons before going away for a couple of years. God Bless them and hope to see them soon. GB

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Update: 20 out of 22, called in on Sunday 1600-2400 :(, and by the way the most I have worked straight on this job was 33 days in 1991.

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