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27 Days

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Oct 29, 2012

Stuff flying all over the place, including inside the building, very dangerous out there, everybody is in for their safety, TG, very eerie out there. STUCK 6 Hrs. on overtime (the stretch begins), started making a list, useless, every freekin block has debris or some sort of mother nature blocking our mornings commute, given FEL (Kev), to clear out major streets, GCP, blocked on top, Union OK, obstructions cleaned by Kev. Woodhaven to Yellow, Yellow to Alderton to garage, not enough time to do anything else.

They have some job in the morning!

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Just my block alone is blocked from both ends by large trees, very sad, TG no one got hurt, but nobody is getting a car out of this block today, even the sidewalk was blocked unless you could climb the limbs blocking the sidewalk on both ends of the block, not good for elderly.

The next few days, OMG, CRS becomes DSNY Central and Floyd Bennett Field all wrapped into one. OJT’s Supervisors and Sanitation Workers, no computers, QW5 and QWA move in, no unleaded gas, and dispatching everything we have to the Storm Cleanup effort, 24/7 for the next couple of weeks, and still doing the job that we normally do, not that well due to lack of computers, just one big happy family 🙂

Rest has become a luxury, dragging my behind, no rest for the weary is the motto for these days.

Payrolls has to be done and no computer and I have to get this done by Monday(It turned out to be Thursday that week) TG, Nerves are getting short on everybody, by now I contact a rash around my legs and become more irritable, running on fumes now.

Finally get computer, Saturday, now the fun begins, 12 hour days looking at this screen for the next 5 days til payroll makes it in, hardest payroll ever entered by me.

To make matters worst, SNOW:(  well, TG that went well, and it didn’t stay, just a warm-up to keep us sharp for a big one.

Welcome to Night Plow 2012-2013

More and more we are becoming as much as part of this citys first responders as all the other more highly publically viewed , one down side to all this was the question:

Are We First Responders?

Well New York Are We?

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