8-4 Garage Supervisor DSNY Family V34

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This is the cream of the crop(not all the time) oops did I say(write) that out loud. I think I was in the middle of that crop when it came to skills, saw better and worst than me. But arguably one of the most important jobs, sometimes the most important in the garage especially in the winter. Its more like an office manager in a big corporation plus equipment, the task is sometimes daunting to say the least.

The better that the 8-4 does the better the night goes, its that simple. But to do that everyday “nah no way”. Murphy’s law sticks itself into the mix every so often. = Bad day!

Right about now there’s an 8-4 enjoying his last few weeks of peace and quiet.

September’s Events

Best Chart
S/W 12
Supervisor 3

Monday 5
Labor Day
No Pick-up

Wednesday 7
Fashion Show

Sunday 11
15 Years
Hispanic Society Family BBQ

Sunday 18
Queens Museum
Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Art Opening Reception
African American Day Parade

Thursday 22
Emerald Society Golf Outing

Friday 30
Hispanic Society Dinner Dance

Summer Dreams

I dream of Summer like a life wanting

It comes in with a promise to remember all that is good

You live it as best you can

Memories are made to be cherished and remember

In Loving Memory

Wallace Wally Williams

Wallace “Wally” Williams Retired Assistant Chief Cleaning Office

Dominick Mickey Villa

Dominick “Mickey” Villa Retired Sanitation Worker Brooklyn South 11