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April 16, 1990,” Where are they now?”

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Tony Pretak

April 16, 1990, me and what looked like 100 other men and women started a career in DSNY, where are they now? To start with, we had 2 groups, the day and the night group, I was on the day, Where are they now and what are they doing? I went to Q8 with 9 other men, they were…

Myself Samuel Rivera Q6, Tony Pretakiewicz Q3-pictured above, John O’Brien Q8, Charlie Sabai Q8, Joe Campesi-retired, Lawrence Mack-retired, Thompson-???, Lamar Dames-retired, Henry Torres-retired, and Pete Crowley-retired.

Who made it and where are they now.
Rene Bandison-Deputy Chief-QE
Tommy Murchie-Q9-Garage Shop Steward

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