April 2017

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Welcome back 🙂

Nothing like a long winter to appreciate a long summer. For some its just seeing daylight for others its eating dinner with your family. Whatever your reason, welcome back. Enjoy 🙂

In the news

It looks like DSNY will have a big facelift this fall.
Estimates are 1000 new Sanitation Workers are going to be hired.

Class of 1997
Congratulation you made it. For those that choose to continue, its all icing on the cake from here on. For those that are calling it a day, live long and prosper.

Softball is back 🙂
This is probably the best that has come around for this department. Give your team some support.

Mr. Ostrowski said he was choosing to retire while his health was still good.

“I don’t want to go out as a sick person,” he said. “I can still go out to an affair with my wife and dance, and I can still throw a ball.” Edward Ostrowski, the head of the New York City sanitation workers union

DSNY 911 Information
Did you know that if you were turned down by the WTC Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) because you waited too long to register, thanks to a change in the law, you may be able to do so now!

If you get certified by the WTC Health Program with a new illness, that will reopen the 2-year period to register a VCF claim and you can seek compensation for the old illnesses that are currently time-barred.

If you think that you might be eligible for a new illness certification, call the Health Program at 888-982-4748 to make an appointment. Once you are certified, you can get the compensation that you deserve for the new illness AND the other illnesses that were too late to claim.

And, of course , if you have been diagnosed with any of the 68 cancers linked to the toxic dust, including skin cancer, you will be able to claim it as well as every other older diagnosed illness. you have any questions about your legal rights, I suggest that you contact attorney Mike Barasch for a free consultation. His firm represents more people, and has recovered more money, than any other firm in the country. You can reach Mike at 1-800-562-9190
Salvatore J. Annerino

In Loving Memory

Ronnie Holmes
Sanitation Worker
Shop Steward Manhattan 6

Carl Agil Crawford
Retired Sanitation Worker
Manhattan 8

Artie Benton
Retired Sanitation Worker
Manhattan 11

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