Are you happy with your job? Who Cares?

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I do!

I have a couple of million of dollars in equipment, a building and a job to do in which entails making taxpayers happy in Rego Park and Forest Hills, Sanitation Workers safe and informed on what’s going on the job and bosses just ready to pounce on me when I screw up or (somebody else screws up)when I don’t screw up( which is happening at a more regularity than I wish it to happen).

I remember coming to work and being excited to accomplish something constructive, not now, my worries when I come in is don’t get in trouble and make sure everything that I’m in charge of goes somewhat smooth, to hell with the other guy or anything else, 8 hours and 15 minutes that’s it!

I was proud of what I was, now I just want to quit everyday I sign in(that day is coming soon) and I know for a fact I’m not alone in this scenario. Everything that I was taught in 57 years has gone out the window, Micro Managing is in full force!

All that is being considered now, is Money, no thinking goes into (How will this affect the men and women?) Who Cares? Well I do! It is my responsibility to make sure things get done, and its getting more difficult to do with your shoe strings tied. Add no respect given to Supervisors or the benefit of doubt, guilty until proven innocent, judged by the complainant, no chance to advance or just not worth the trouble to try, not respecting or ignoring seniority, no one to complaint to when you have a problem with your life that effects your job(forget about going to EAU, I really miss Lynne).

Who the hell could follow all these freekin rules, who the hell could read all this freekin orders, teletypes, emails, and carry on with the work load everyday and manage a garage or unit, it does get better with time but there are those days that Murphy’s Law comes in effect and all you can do is bury your head in your hands and catch a deep breath and hope for the best.

With all that and more to complain about, its still a good job but more changes are coming down the pike and depending on the changes, it could get worse before the situation improves.

Now I know that no job or maybe a few could make you 100% happy but for Gods sake, give me a break I’m miserable and I’m not alone and I wasn’t like this, Calgon please take me away!

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