Arctic Blast

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Cold Stress Guide

Anyone working in a cold environment may be at risk of cold stress.


Hypothermia occurs when the body gets cold and loses heat faster than the body can make it.

Frostbite: How to Spot, Treat, and Prevent It

Frostbite occurs when tissues freeze.

Yeah, these are the days that you really earn your keep.

Right now there’s gears revering up on how they’re going to make it through the week ahead.

There are two options I see and neither one is any good.

Option 1

Go sick! If not sick not a good idea, if you are sick “Stay Home” you don’t want to spread those germs. Plus, there’s plenty of winter left and you have to get yourself 100% before getting back in the game.

Option 2

Get to work prepared for the worst.

Extra socks

Extra dry uniforms



Long Johns



Thermo with a nice warm tea/cocoa.

Charged phone!

Hand warmers

Check truck, make sure it is 100% ready to go out in this cold, you don’t want to get stuck.

If out of town, get garage number and/or Garage Supervisor cell(if he gives it to you).

Stay Alert! Get your rest!

Walking the route!

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