Staten Island 3

1000 West Service Rd. Staten Island, NY 10312
Arthur Kill Rd. / West Shore Expy. (Route 440)


Annadale, Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Charleston, Eltingville, Great Kills, Greenridge, Huguenot, Pleasant Plains, Prince’s Bay, Richmondtown, Richmond Valley, Rossville, Tottenville, and Woodrow

  • Supervisors take a shellacking:(
  • Brian Campbell Retired Sanitation Worker Fresh Kills
  • William Wieser Sanitation Worker Staten Island 2
  • Saint Sanitation Worker
    Thank You DSNY - Sandy
  • Saint Sanitation Worker
    DSNY and Sandy
  • John Schmittau Retired Supervisor Staten Island 3
  • Walter Ward Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 2
  • Theresa Quagliariello Retired PAA Staten Island
  • Philip Maffie Sanitation Worker Staten Island 1
  • William Seidenfaden Supervisor
  • WTC Patch
    Theodore Feaser Retired Director Fresh Kills
  • Richard Tobin Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 3
  • Richard Black Retired Borough Commissioner
  • Walter Jacobsen Retired Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Guy DiPietro Retired Supervisor Staten Island
  • Should Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio keep Commissioner John Doherty
  • Louis Gormezano Engineer Fresh Kills
  • Dennis Meade Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island 1
  • Anders Updale Sr. Retired Supervisor BWD Freshkills
  • John Joseph Fedorcsak Retired Supervisor
  • April 2014
  • Nicholas F. Rumolo Jr Retired Sanitation Worker Staten Island
  • James Theurer DSNY
  • William Jahns DSNY
  • DSNY In The News V39
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Ronald Loock
    Ronald J. Loock Sr Retired Sanitation Worker Manhattan 2
  • Sgt. Frank Musella’s
    Frank Musella Enforcement Sergeant
  • Neil J. Connelly Retired Sanitation Worker SI01
  • Montague Taylor Sr. Retired Supervisor Fresh Kills
  • Mechanics DSNY Family Weekly V23
  • DSNY Family Weekly V24
  • Jackpot DSNY Family Weekly V38
  • Fix it! DSNY Family Weekly V48
  • Welcome to 2017
  • 2016 Recapped
  • Felony
    Night Plow 2016-2017 Recapped
  • End of Summer 2017
  • DSNY 911 In Remembrance
  • 2017 Recapped
  • In Remembrance 2018

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