Bob Cat DSNY Family Weekly V40

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I always thought we would be better with the Bobcats. What can these things do? Where can we use them?

We can always use them in the snow, are they feasible in the snow?, I think so with what is call for in these snow storms and what the public is looking for, you would think it should at least be tried and see what we can do with them.

All year long, might be another question, the cost vs the use of them might be the biggest hurdle, It just won’t be useful all year long unless you get attachments and I still don’t think we can get our moneys worth out of them.

Its October and the wind is in the air
I ride the truck, but no one cares
I throw and throw and it never ends
I finish the route to my despair

I must go now to that place
I drive and drive with my friend
No one knows the load I did
Until I get to that place

So please don’t judge me when I’m done
I’m tired of the loading of the tons
I weigh the load and it’s enough
You’re only as good as the last, enough!


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