Boston, Massachusetts

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I didn’t think I would have had a good time in Boston, considering me being from NY, but even though the bad weather for those two days, our (wife and I ) mini vacation turned out very nice.

We used the power of the tour to get us around and see as much as we can before the two days were up, and that’s exactly what happen. Some of the sites that we saw were, Fenway Park, USS Constitution, Cheers.

We stood in the Marriott’s Custom House and that made the stay very cool, just the history of the building was awe inspiring. Revolutionary time theme of the building added to the ambience of the area, they added two character actors recreating the time, a ginger rum drink and the mood was set, they played their violins, told stories of the time and even threw in a couple of jokes and riddles of the time.



What am I?

God never has seen one.

A King seldom sees one.

We commoners always see them.

What am I?

Overall, very nice trip, I think it was worth it and we are planning to go there again one day, hopefully with better weather.

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