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Bouncing Around

This is one subject I think gets over looked when your health comes up in conversation and when I was working I always kept an eye on the guys that was bouncing around and tried to look out for them because of the seriousness of this problem among them, I was them at one time and I know I had a few incidents where my life was put in danger because of the lack of sleep that would go with the bouncing around I was doing. Get your rest in, days and nights are long on this job!

If you fall asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed, it’s an indication that you’re extremely sleep deprived.

Florida Living

Note to all Florida drivers:

The turn signals are to be put on 100 feet(or way before) your intended turn – Not during your turn!

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Great Job NYC

I been following these storms for some time now and Jonas was a little different, for one I saw it on TV and not from ground zero. The coverage of it was a little different from the Mayor down to the blogs.

Some different things I saw or read was there was a little more understanding that it was not going to be cleaned in a day and that point was pointed out from the get and the decision to suspend alternative side parking for a week+ was a game changer I thought, I don’t remember that happening before but I thought conveying that early in the storm was a good move. It told the people that they didn’t have to get stress out and gave them time to get some things in order before attending to that car that was not going anywhere soon.

As far as the blogs went, they were quiet, as oppose to when they jumped on us after the 2010 December blizzard and the frenzy that followed of impropriety was unbelievable due to one person trying to get his name on the news and the blogs not fact checking doing a disservice to NYC and DSNY.

The preparedness and planning was not without problems but like any of these storms we get hit with, we learn from them! I’m sure things were observed that could be improved on or done differently. Knowing DSNY like I do, they will adapt and they will be addressed on the next storm as Commissioner Garcia said. Good Job Boys and Girls.



12 Friday Lincolns Birthday
15 Monday President’s Day

Best Chart this month

S/W 16

Death In Family

Kevin Murphy Retired Sanitation Worker Brooklyn South 15 and Queens East 14

Richie Niemann Retired Sanitation Worker Queens West 9

Brian O’Neil Retired Sanitation Worker  Brooklyn South 14

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