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DSNY Believe It or Not 2

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Well like any job, God gives us that rare person that keeps everybody in stitches and happy in their presence, well Q6 was given Reg, keep in mind that I’m piecing this story from the rest of the garage, I didn’t have the pleasure of working with him too long, he retired in 2009 , but found him a pleasant and …


S/W Ralph the Wolf & Supervisor Sam the Sheep Dog

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It’s amazing how I could equate some situations in these cartoons with what its like sometimes around the garage, amazing! Lunch time and the end of the day is the part I see that resembles DSNY life 🙂 Related articles GIPSA will meet with sheep producers WHOOOOOOOS That I See Walkin’ in These Woods… Hundreds of sheep are branded with a …


Loerb’s World Summer 2012

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With September almost over, we around DSNY at this time of the year consider this a very special time, as we say goodbye to Summer the kids are back to school and we at DSNY start the insanity train a rolling (Choo-Choo). This is the time of year when we start putting everything together for the upcoming Night Plow season …


Loerbs World ‘Spring Edition’

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Serial killers rarely answer questions like “Who’s there?” Politicians only kiss babies because it might be theirs. Next time you sit at a McDonald’s play-land and a parent asks you, “Which one is yours?” Say, “I haven’t picked one out yet!” It’s worth it. It’s 2011, microwaves should have one button that says Cook it. Why you don’t ever see …


Locker Room Humor

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Loerbs World “February”

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There is a special place in Hell for people who stop at yellow lights. Sometimes I whisper, “I’m on your side” to the computers, just in case they ever succeed in taking over the world. My definition of a perfect storm is one that keeps the relatives from coming to visit. If Facebook has taught me anything, it’s that I …


Loerbs World “Holiday Special” :)

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New from Wikileaks: Santa’s nice and naughty list has been released! If my plane is about to crash, I doubt I’ll be using my seat as a “flotation device.” More likely, it’s gonna be used as a toilet! At the grocery store, they usually have 6 check out lanes open, unless it’s really busy, then they only use one. My …




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