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Why Retire?

Sam Chief, DSNY Family Poll, DSNY Life, Finance, Retirement, Sanitation Worker, Superintendent, Supervisor 0 Comments

There are a few reasons people retire from this job and it seems everybody has their own reason(s). As I see on social guys/girls retire for the most part because they know its their time, some had a plan and the rest had things happen to them that made them retire, it wasn’t just one thing in particular but a …


Night Plow 2016-2017 Recapped

Sam Bronx, Chief, DSNY Life, In Loving Memory, Manhattan, Night Plow, Queens East, Sanitation Worker, Staten Island, Supervisor 0 Comments

Well its over(Night Plow). Now What? For some its going out of town and accumulating hours for those long summer ahead, for others its getting all your ducks in line to retire. Keep in mind that hours are always good but planning is in order(Saturdays and Vacation extensions), because even though you have them(hours) they can sometimes be hard to …


Is Winter Over?

Sam DSNY Life, Enforcement, Exam, Holiday, In Loving Memory, New Jacks, Night Plow, Retirement 0 Comments

Not quite! Its too early, no rest for the weary. NYC saw some bad storms in the past in March, there were some doosies but the chances are slim if NYC gets hit with a big one this year, but you never know. Snow Supers rejoice! 21.0” on March 12-14th, 1888 18.1” on March 7-8, 1941 Congratulations to the class …


Happy New Year DSNY 2017

Sam DSNY Family Weekly, DSNY Life, Holiday, Safety 0 Comments

Coping with working on the holidays Easier said than done 🙁 these are always trying times especially for the guys/girls just joining a work force that has to work on the holidays. Some of my hardest days were working on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve on the 4-12 shift, just because everybody was out there celebrating and you would …


Fix it! DSNY Family Weekly V48

Sam Brooklyn South, DSNY 911, DSNY Life, Equipment, In Loving Memory, Staten Island, Superintendent, Supervisor, Weather 0 Comments

Check that vehicle! You come in and you see damage(s) on your vehicle that looks bad(not just scrape(s) unless its a new vehicle), you report it and they tell you its been like that(Oh No) this is not a good answer. Reason: Someone is assigned that vehicle on another shift or another district and they report it, you are going …


Thanksgiving DSNY Family Weekly V46

Samuel DSNY Life, Holiday, Medical, Vacation 0 Comments

Who doesn’t like a good potluck? At one time this event was used to grow camaraderie among the men/women and everybody else and getting in the holiday spirit, not so much now, everybody is too worry about giving out productive assignments because big brother(GPS) is watching your every move. It seems everything is about CYA and micro management, which I …


Night Plow 2016-2017 DSNY Family Weekly V45

Sam DSNY Life, Night Plow, Supervisor 0 Comments

This is it, last weekend before Night Plow, ENJOY! Safety Sleep Safety Rest Safety Stay Alert Safety Safety Sleep Safety Related articles Over 2000 people tap dance for a successful Winter Olympics Wash the car today, as soon enough, you’ll be brushing off the snow It’s official: winter has arrived in the Alps – here’s where it’s snowing Giant snowballs …


To Be or Not to Be DSNY Family Weekly V44

Sam Brooklyn South, DSNY Family, DSNY Life, Events, Exam, In Loving Memory, Sanitation Worker, Supervisor 0 Comments

To be or not to be – that is the question! Let me first start off by thanking everybody for their support and hopefully I have helped at least one person out there. With all the sites out there everybody should be finding answers to questions a little bit easier. I would like to think that I’m doing my part …


Sundays DSNY Family Weekly V43

Sam DSNY Life, In Loving Memory, Manhattan, Night Plow 0 Comments

Security in the hell likes working Sundays, I didn’t! In most cases this was the only day in the week where the whole family would get together and you can’t get those moments back especially if you have young children. But wait a minute, we could always use some help in paying bills and could use the money that working …




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