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Why Retire?

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There are a few reasons people retire from this job and it seems everybody has their own reason(s). As I see on social guys/girls retire for the most part because they know its their time, some had a plan and the rest had things happen to them that made them retire, it wasn’t just one thing in particular but a …


Jackpot DSNY Family Weekly V38

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It might seem like you hit the lottery getting this job, but its not all fun and games, when it comes to pay “this is cereal” it could be rough in those first few years of your career , pay is good but it seems sometimes like “its Just not enough”. They are going to be a few that will …


Merry Christmas New York City Workers

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In Final Speech, Mayor Bloomberg Warns Bill de Blasio on Healthcare and Pensions: Mayor Bloomberg used his last major speech before leaving office to sound the alarm about skyrocketing pension and healthcare costs – and warn his successor Bill de Blasio to take a hard line with city workers unions. The increasing costs, he said, are a crisis waiting to …


As Goes The Economy, So Goes The Equity Markets!

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  The markets are moving higher simply because the news is improving. Many investors invest with the ‘Headlines”. If something is better than expected, then they believe stock prices should be higher than before the better news was announced. This is Momentum Investing!  Recent history shows that Momentum Investing has come to dominate equity markets since 1995 when Hedge Funds …


Retro, Medical, and Bloomberg’s violation of the Taylor Law…

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The Municipal Labor Committee Aug. 9 sued the city to block its Request for Proposals on a new health-care provider for city employees, accusing the Bloomberg administration of rushing the process in its final months. “The City’s rush to release the RFP has been a deeply flawed process,” MLC President Harry Nespoli said in a statement. “Making a $7-billion spending …


Times are getting better to invest?

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(This would affect your NYC Deferred Compensation Plan assets dramatically over the next few years.) The S&P has broken through 1500, the Dow, 14,000, nearing all-time highs but is the best yet to come? History tells ME that it’s very possible, but here’s 6 short reasons why the ‘experts’ think it could: Citi‘s top U.S. equity strategist Tobias Levkovich is …




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