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Mock Snow Storm DSNY Family Weekly V47

Sam Armed Forces, In Loving Memory, Medical, Night Plow, Weather 0 Comments

Training, training and more training. There’s no more fun than training for snow on a sunny day, but necessary, yeah! I said that. I always thought this was a good idea, over the years it has improved mainly because it gets some of the problems solved before they’re a problem during that most important first storm of the season. Why …


Thanksgiving DSNY Family Weekly V46

Samuel DSNY Life, Holiday, Medical, Vacation 0 Comments

Who doesn’t like a good potluck? At one time this event was used to grow camaraderie among the men/women and everybody else and getting in the holiday spirit, not so much now, everybody is too worry about giving out productive assignments because big brother(GPS) is watching your every move. It seems everything is about CYA and micro management, which I …


Chiefs DSNY Family Weekly V41

Sam Chief, DSNY Life, Medical, Night Plow 0 Comments

My first experiences with this group was working in the snow room in Operation for night plow(1996-1997) before getting promoted, and that experience guided me in my perception of them through out my career. Somethings you might not know about this group. They put on their pants the same way everybody else does(well most of them), one leg at a time. Believe …


Roll Calls DSNY Family Weekly V33

Sam DSNY Life, DSNY Sports, Food, Medical 0 Comments

I hated Roll Calls just as much as the next guy/girl, but I know they are necessary, they’re mostly boring but every so often some good(information) comes out of them. For the most part they go like shampoo instruction (lather, rinse, repeat)but it does get silly for some of us that are bald. Yes they’re are repetitive, they’re not intended …


Routes DSNY Family Weekly V30

Samuel DSNY Family Poll, DSNY Life, Medical, Night Plow, Retirement, Sanitation Worker 0 Comments

Have to love them routes 🙂 Yeah, have to love some these routes, just makes you wonder who made them up. Well guess what you did or at least some of you did. There’s never an easy answer but it does take some work getting the routes in an order that won’t get you killed and completed at the end …


Lingo DSNY Family Weekly V25

Sam DSNY Family, DSNY Life, Medical 0 Comments

What you Said? Yeah, we have a very colorful language, some of it might sound downright unappropriated for the civilize world, but remember we are dealing with some unusual circumstances here. My favorite is: “You’re only as good as your last load” Some might find this offensive. Well here in DSNY land it means yesterdays work doesn’t count if you …


Lodi DSNY Family Weekly V1

Sam Bronx, DSNY Family Weekly, Fraternal, Holiday, Medical 0 Comments

  Coming up Martin Luther King Day  Lodi Related articles Announcing Samsung’s CES 2016 Press Conference Rinspeed Etos sports car to debut at CES 2016 Huawei Plans to Sell the Mate 8 and Honor 5X in the U.S. in 2016 Off-beat: Get ready for security checks and long lines at CES 2016 Belkin Car Power Valet Samsung May Not …


DSNY Family 2016

Sam DSNY Family, DSNY Family Year In Review, Manhattan, Medical, Travel 0 Comments

Hope everybody had a good holiday season, but its back to work for most of us, with that said I hope everybody and their family the best in 2016. With the ending of a year or the beginning of a new one there are always list of some kind flying around, well why should we be different. Medical Alert Note: …




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