Cell Phones and DSNY

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Cell phones could be your best and worst friend on this job. Keep in mind we ain’t no better than the rest of the world, like everybody else, we have to keep in mind of safety first, and with that brings responsibility to maintain a safe approach to the use of cell phones.

First it’s against the law to drive and use your cell phone in any way without a handless device, Second, it’s for the your own safety that you stay alert when driving because you could be in the wrong end of an accident and, that goes against our main mission on this job, to get home to our families, safe and alive everyday!

That was the bad, now the good, First, God forbid something  happens at home or with your family you can be contacted almost immediately, so you can act on any important decision that might affect you or your family life in someway(child or family sick and your presence is needed),

Second making your job easier, in the Sanitation workers case, for example: Being informed they have the wrong truck or route, as for the Supervisors, they’re a couple of ways to help you do your job, keep in mind the other person has to have some cell phone savvy like your Super that day. These are some of the ways I make my life in DSNY easier.

Instance #1 I see something in a section I’m not working in, I text the Section officer, Super, and the equipment operator(broom, spreader or any other special equipment) at the same time and informed them of the situation and wallah, confirmation comes back from all informing you that they have received the message and they give instant response, Super, Section Officer 10-4 and the operator of the equipment acknowledging that he/she received the message, and  he/she will handle the problem, I’m on way to my section and forget about that condition, one problem solved.

Instance #2 Action Center complaint needs immediately decision, Super is too far away or busy, I send the picture with text and I get an immediately response on how to handle complaint. Another problem solved.

Instance #3 Giving reports, phones are busy, I just text my report to Super, problem 3 solved. TYJA


Use the cell phones responsibly and you should have a better day, misuse it and you might have a very bad day.

I use a blackberry, it comes in very handy. 

How do you use your cell phone to make your day better?

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