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My first experiences with this group was working in the snow room in Operation for night plow(1996-1997) before getting promoted, and that experience guided me in my perception of them through out my career.

Somethings you might not know about this group.

  • They put on their pants the same way everybody else does(well most of them), one leg at a time.
  • Believe it not, they too have stress put upon them to do their jobs.
  • There are good ones and bad ones.
  • They screw up too, but their screw ups are bigger.
  • They can suspend you on the spot!
  • Most will work with you or teach you if you don’t know.

Funny quotes told to me by Chiefs.

  • You’re not a Supervisor until you get a complaint”I must of been a real good Supervisor 🙂 “
  • Be pro-active! This was told to me right after I got a complaint for guess what? Being pro-active.
  • Good Job!

Final thought: They’re just like anyone of us trying to do a job!

It’s Coming, Be Prepare!

Little things that might help before it hits the fan.

  • Always have phone charged or have a portable charger.
  • Make sure someone on shift has your number.
  • Have some snacks, especially if you are a Diabetic.
  • Make sure your emergency number in the garage is up to date.
  • Make sure you have those extras(dry clothing) in the locker.
  • Don’t make plans, if you do, have a Plan B.
  • Have your medication on you and have some in your locker.
Phone apps that might help you.

  • Note app to keep track of your pay.
  • Weather app to see what is coming up or going on the weather front.
  • News app to keep you entertained during those moments of boredom.
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Safety First Safety Always!

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