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201012_citytimelogo-thumb-105x105-583422Yeah buddy!, it was in the making, payroll(time keeping) is going electronically, finally. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, hopefully this will make this job easier, apparently if you are a bad timekeeper, it ain’t going to help you in that regard, I think it might help a little, now you have big brother(CityTime) checking it.

When October 31 comes around, you will be officially welcomed to one big project, getting all city agencies in one big file, and its called CityTime, it will now be possible to fix or screw up dozen of records with one or two hits on the key board, and to top that it will be registered in the system immediately, throw in lessening the chance of a Commissioners Check and we might have a friend in the making.

Another plus, is the computers that are being placed all over the place giving us access to a computer close by and more than one in the garages are going to be a big help with other stuff beside payroll, with night plow coming around, we’re going to see if it helps with snow payrolls, that will be the real test. Right now the computers that are set up, has the capabilities to practice this new program, and I for one am going to practice, with any luck I will learn this new stuff before the 31st.

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