Clerks DSNY Family Weekly V31

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Civilian Clerks are “The Glue”

Yes, those clerks are the bomb, I don’t think I would have had a good day sometimes without these people, it didn’t matter what shift, it was good to have a civilian clerk around.

Once I would see these people I knew I was OK. The job has change a bit since the 90s for almost everybody, but in the good old days these people ran the show. This is one resource that should be used when having a problem on the job. When in doubt ask the clerk, if he/she doesn’t know the answer I’m pretty sure they will point you in the right direction.

Some of their functions they perform.

  • Filling out logs, forms and records.
  • Data entries vital to district operations.
  • Answering of phones.
  • Filing

As simple as it might sound they do a lot more than the above list and they surely take a lot of the heat and nonsense away from the day to day operation from everybody trying to get their job done.

From the bottom of my heart “Thank you” to all those clerks that got me thru the day/night.


In Loving Memory


Matteo Giustino Retired Sanitation Worker

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