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One of my favorite subjects.

First lets look at why they’re issued, keep in mind that I have been issued them in bunches at times and for the most part deserved, I try not to keep my head in the sand, so to speak. It is what it is (In my mind).

  1. You did something wrong (you screwed up).
  2. Some one doesn’t like you (you pissed someone off).
  3. Someone is being covered for (either you get it or your superior gets it or someone more up is going to get it).
  4. Clinic Complaint, this one is the most common.

You did something wrong:

Number 1: The simple one, it is what it is, that one I think everyone could deal with, IF, big if, here is a example.

You get a complaint that seems like its minor and could have been handled with just a verbal warning or consulting so it is understood that the situation won’t arise again.

This approach is my favorites because it saves time,money and I believe from experience the most effective, but it all depends on the severity of the offense.

Number 2: The hardest one, reason, you did something wrong, doesn’t matter the severity and how much you do or even how good you are in your job, you was going to get it anyway, its coming but they just wait for you to screw up, no matter what you do, keep in mind no one is perfect, you’re going to get it.

Number 3: The worst one, everybody, a lot of people or just one up the chain that is being looked after screwed up and someone has to get it, TAG YOU’RE IT.

Number 4: The sickest, If you don’t go sick you don’t know the rules, if you go sick like I think most of us do at one time or another you must follow rules or you are going to get it.

The complaint process.

Complaint generated and issued.
Goes into your record(guilty or innocent doesn’t matter).
Goes into your evaluation, as guilty(technically until heard).
Judged by Borough or Trials.

People go through their entire career without one being issued to them, good for them, but if you are one of the majority of the ones that do get one issued, my advice is to just take it if you earned it, but if you didn’t deserve it, get every document that will help you to exonerating yourself, because the chances that one complaint might effect you on the next one you get, its almost a no brainer, don’t even think they won’t look at the one you were innocent and just took it and think you are not going to be judge on that one also, human nature is not nice sometimes, even if you don’t picture the bosses or the judge as human, they are.

Final thought 🙂

The bottom line is try to avoid all these situations, but I know sometimes it is not in your hands,(you can’t avoid the complaint), but I was told you are not a Sanitation Worker or Supervisor until you get one, do your job and you should be ok.

Live Long and Prosper 🙂

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