December’s Top Stories “Lost of an Angel, Supervisors, New Sanitation Workers and The Storm”

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December started with Supervisors getting ready for the new plan to take effect and trying to stop the insanity that is being placed in front of us. Where in the world do you punish(yes punish) good people 3 times(demotion, lost of pay and seniority) all in one shot for no other reason than you want to.

If all the major unions and all the uniform departments are not watching this, I would be surprise. Idea! Save the money elsewhere, stop investing on corrupt systems and improve on what we have. Guess what? We are taxpayers too and we too live in this city and have a vested interest in its well being.

In time of need you get more with money, Oops HONEY, why in the hell would someone that’s all business can’t understand that, with all due respect, I think you are going about this the wrong way. Creating an atmosphere of don’t trust it’s not the way to go.

December 26, 2010 Blizzard

Hello New York!


We can’t plow the streets with cars, buses and ambulances in from of us, what don’t you get, plain and simple. We came to the dance and nobody wanted to dance with us.

We also live in the city and the same way you feel about us we feel about you, No Slow Down was ever mentioned(Organized or Joking) IF, it did happen, it probably was one man and its always a possibility that these people over reacted on a joke, but as an organization we don’t play when it comes to snow.

If we didn’t take our jobs serious we know lives will be lost, I have yet to hear this storm or any other storm that we were going to screw up on purpose to prove anything.

New Sanitation Worker December 13, 2010 Class

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Another Brother in Arms lost but not forgotten.

Rest In Peace

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