DeJa Vu “Already Seen”

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Been there, done that.

It’s a shame we have to go through this again, yes we have travel this road before and apparently nobody has learned from the past.

Early 1990s lawsuit filed in the 80s finally gets heard and answered, decision goes somewhat like this, minority Sanitation Workers get promoted to Supervisors with seniority(oh boy!!!), not very nice for the present Supervisors that get demoted because of the decision. I’ll let others fill in all the details, but BOY, did that tear up the ranks, the S and N word were flying everywhere. Not a good time for DSNY. 🙁

Now with that said, How could we have made that a good moment instead of the little though out process that must of gone on. Unless the after affects were calculated and was indeed thought out and gave the response that was being expected. NAH! Not nice. 🙁

DSNY could have done the following in my opinion:

  1. Monitor(EEO?)
  2. Better message from the Department (This won’t happen in these days)
  3. Admit faults in the system, no one is perfect.

New York to Promote Minority Sanitation Workers

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