DSNY 911 In Remembrance

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Clark Lawrence Marcelis
Soloman Alexis
Pagan Eloy
Becaccio Jack
Feeney Frank
Mouton Michael
Marchese Ralph
Marzocchi William
Morelli Lorenzo
Conmy John
Ferrari Renzo
Colucci George
Macchio Andrew
Falco Alphonse
Landolfi Joseph
Assaf Anthony
Campbell Brian

  • James A. Denunzio Retired Chief BOO
  • Yeah! We were there!
  • Ronald Cohen Sanitation Police
  • John Schmittau Retired Supervisor Staten Island 3
  • William Wieser Sanitation Worker Staten Island 2
  • WTC Patch
    Theodore Feaser Retired Director Fresh Kills
  • WTC Patch
    Andrew Macchio "The Singing Sanitation Worker"
  • Thomas Zayas
  • DSNY 911 DSNY Family Weekly V36
  • Richie Dennis Allen Memorial
    World Trade Center Memorial 2012
  • WTC Patch
    Where were you September 11, 2001?
  • WTC Patch
    Rosolino (Butch) Fanara Retired EPU Officer
  • Mark Vikos Retired Sanitation Worker Queens East 7
  • Brian Campbell Retired Sanitation Worker Fresh Kills
  • Fiat
  • DSNY 911 In Remembrance
  • DSNY Family Weekly V24
  • Javier Nicholson Retired Supervisor QW9
  • Roger Pfleging Sanitation Worker Manhattan 1
  • Merry Christmas 2017



TY Sal and Claudia.

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