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DSNY and Sandy

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President Obama  “I’m Very Proud of You, New York”

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I want to thank the outstanding leadership that’s been provided by state and local officials. Obviously, Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg have done an outstanding job. To borough President Molinaro, thank you so much for your leadership at a time when folks here on this island were obviously going through extraordinary difficult times.

The people of Long Island who are going through really tough times. Across the board, what we’ve seen is cooperation and a spirit of service. And for the first responders who are here, the police officers, the firefighters, the EMS folks, the sanitation workers who sometimes don’t get credit but have done heroic work, we are so grateful to you because you exemplify what America is all about.

President Obama


 I honestly believe that the clean up efforts of this hurricane have given many men and women on this job a new found sense of pride. Where many had seen themselves only as trash collectors and snow removers. With this disaster it really put into perspective that we are not just garbage men and women but the we are Sanitation Workers. We do everything we can to help keep our communities clean and disease free. We will work tireless hours, go with little to no sleep, not see our families, and push our minds and bodies past what normal people have to, just so we can get the job done. Seeing so many coworkers step up and just want to help has given myself as well as many others a breathe of fresh air. It shows that we still have people who care more for others than they do for themselves. I applaud my brother and sister Sanitation Workers. STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!  S/W Joe Mosca

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26th MEU Hurricane Sandy Response

Hurricane Sandy

All hands on deck, Ooh Rah!


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