DSNY Believe It or Not 2

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Take job very seriously, danger runs all around us.

Well like any job, God gives us that rare person that keeps everybody in stitches and happy in their presence, well Q6 was given Reg, keep in mind that I’m piecing this story from the rest of the garage, I didn’t have the pleasure of working with him too long, he retired in 2009 , but found him a pleasant and upbeat Sanitation Worker.

Well, Reg is one to make funny noises and faces and I think will do almost anything to get a laugh, well one of these noises he makes is a cat.

Well one day on the route while throwing bags in the truck and making his cat noise, some older gentleman heard the cat sound and saw Reg throw the bag into the hopper at the same time.

Well you can guess what happen next, yep, downtown was called, and Reg was ordered back to the man’s house and convince the gentleman that what he heard was Reg fooling around and that Reg was not throwing a live cat into the hopper, gentleman was convinced, and everybody lived happily ever after.

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