DSNY Believe It or Not 1

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Sometime things pop up that I think is funny, not ha! ha! funny, but unbelievable this stuff happens funny,.

This one had me shaking my head, on one of those bad snow storms, LIE blanketed, early morning on the 7PM-3AM shift, no traffic, nice and peaceful, going to field to help plow streets.

There’s a collection truck down from another district, wrecker is taking plow off to tow truck back to its housing district and wrecker will return to pick up plow afterwards.

S/W passing by decides to stop and help, nobody on the road, the help truck now becomes the blocking truck for the unmanned plow on highway so nobody runs into it, while the down truck gets towed back to its district.

It’s still snowing, wind blowing, nobody on the road, very peaceful, too peaceful, S/W falls asleep waiting for wrecker to pick up plow that was left behind.

S/W wakes up 4 hours later, still nobody on the road and the plow is gone, unbelievable if not true.

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