DSNY Exodus Part 2

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Live long and Prosper 🙂Spock - Startrek

DSNY Exodus part II begins and for those that are on that DSNY Freedom Run Congrats 🙂 and now try to enjoy that long planned retirement in style and remember its not the end but the beginning of the rest of your life.

Welcome to DSNY New Jacks

For some of you this is your first real job for others its just a job, but however you look at it,  here are some things to think about.

  • Safety for you, your peers and the public should always be your paramount goal for the day.
  • Video cameras is everywhere.
  • Making probation should be your short term goal, don’t take nothing for granted DSNY will get rid of you if you give them a reason!
  • Stay informed.
  • Use DSNY support group(Shop Stewards, Supers Clerk, Immediate Supervisor, Civilian Clerk and your Peers).

DSNY Family News

Questions Page is now open for what else “Questions”, getting an answer is a different story, but lets see if this can help anybody out there. Keep in mind this page is open to the public and questionable language or questions that offend could be challenged and deleted without notice.

Support your team 🙂

In Loving Memory

Paul Campanella Retired Sanitation Worker Bronx 10
Christopher Link Retired Sanitation Worker Bronx 4 and Bronx 10

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