DSNY Family 2016

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Hope everybody had a good holiday season, but its back to work for most of us, with that said I hope everybody and their family the best in 2016. With the ending of a year or the beginning of a new one there are always list of some kind flying around, well why should we be different.

Things that I will keep an eye on in 2016.

  1. DSNY Car Show
  2. Florida Retirees
  3. Molina’s Collection
  4. New Hires
  5. DSNY Family Retiree Meet up
  6. DSNY Calendar

Things that I  will try to do on this site in 2016.

  1. Get some help to improve site.
  2. Promote DSNY Family Meet up in September.
  3. Get DSNY Family Store up and running.
  4. Continue to help get information out.

Medical Alert

Note: When traveling out of New York!
If you go to an emergency room make sure they accept your insurance, when doctor comes in to give you results make sure before he/she speaks that he/she is in your network if not (do not let them speak, once they speak you will be billed for their service) demand you have a doctor within your network, if they speak and give you those results it will cost you up to $1000+ in some cases. The only exception should be if its a life or death situation, then it really doesn’t matter, your life is more important and you can fight it out with them after you are ok.

Top stories 2015

  1. List 6063 closed.
  2. List 5001 established.
  3. DSNY Calendar.
  4. 2014-2015 Night Plow was long and cold.
  5. MN125

    Manhattan 1,2,5


I think everybody that has a computer could attest to checking online to find information on health issues at least once, well this could be helpful in some cases but in serious situations always check with a doctor on your findings and don’t just believe everything you read online.
The Most Googled Health Questions of 2015

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