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This event is meant just to have a meet-up of retirees and retirees to be(15years+). Its been held for two years already(believe it not). First year 10 people came and I think it went well, somethings was learned and had a nice day with the guys and girls. Second year went down to 5 people still had a good day but some more stuffed was learned.


 This event is being held on Saturday September 16, 2017. 

We’re in Blue Picnic area this year.

Important: If event is cancelled it will NOT be rescheduled.

A few changes to this event!

  • A sign up form is provided just to get an idea of space needed but it’s not require to attend event.
  • Its being opened to those on the job for 15 years or more , reasoning for this is simple to get people ready for the after life(retirement), the retirees have gone thru the retirement process  and have answers to things that I believe will help girls/guys entering those very important final years of their careers.
  • Family is Welcome.
  • DSNY Family supplies the charcoal.

If you get 2 teams to play, this site will try to get the permits for the field, of cause early is better in this situation, but the chances are good for field permits at this time of year so even if its close to event I could still try and have a decent chance of getting.

This meet-up is what you make it, the area has BBQ pits, bathrooms close to site, and the park has numerous activities that you can participate in, if interested please go to Cunningham Park for more information.

If you are interested in event

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