John Orozco with Michelle Obama

DSNY Family Summer 2012

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Safety Uniforms

This was a big one, the uniform change, with the new color we should be able to save a life with this change, but let us not forget its only a vest/shirt, you are to stay vigilant out there if you plan on going home in one piece to your family, everyday.

John OrozcoLondon 2012

John Orozco with Michelle Obama

Also this summer we were treated to one of our own attempting a quest for gold, Good Job John.

New Meat

About time, some fresh troops, before the winter begins.

Welcome Aboard 🙂

Felony for assaulting DSNY

This summer brought the felony bill, right to our doorsteps, I have been threaten in almost every language imaginable, I have had a gun fired up in the air in front of the truck because we were blocking traffic, I have had a pit bull scratching on the window of my vehicle with the owner laughing, I have been threaten with bodily harm at least 3 times that I could remember during the course of my duties 🙁

S. 3809A would make it a Class D felony to assault a New York City sanitation worker while they are on the job performing their duties.

Senator Golden stated, “This is the year that we have stood up against physical violence against the men and women who are the more than 6,000 members of New York’s Strongest. Our Sanitation workers who serve our City so well, and their families, deserve this safety to guard them as they do their work. I am proud to have sponsored this legislation and believe that this law will deter criminal acts against Sanitation workers.”
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Be safe out there! Stay Alert!

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