DSNY Family Weekly V22

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Safety First! Safety Always!

I think its safe to say Winter is over, just keep in mind Summer is just as dangerous for us.
Summer brings other perils in different forms, instead of the cold its the heat but that heat is just as dangerous.

Stay hydrated people!


Good work if you can get it.

Probably the best detail for the junior man starting out on this job. Usually done at night relays could give you a good shift experience or give you a bad day(night).

I could actually count the shifts where I got a decent break, I was never in a hurry to get back to either to do nothing or get stuck doing more (Murphy law always lurked around the corner for me).

Florida Living

As a New Yorker transplanted to Florida, I think I have adjusted pretty good to my surroundings, but there are something’s that are harder to understand and get use to than others.

Which brings to this week’s Florida observation and warning to everybody that plans to come here and visit, be prepared for some strange driving.

Now mind you I come from New York where it could get hectic in some areas, but nothing compares to one rule that is here. They can talk on the phone but no texting while driving :/ now you might think that shouldn’t bother me but it does. Its rude and in my opinion a very dangerous practice.

I’m learning to spot them and avoid them, which I do at all costs.

Here are some ways that can help you can spot them:

  • They are usually in front of you weaving to the right, but in some instances they weave to the left of the road.
  • Try to get close enough(not too close) and look in their rearview mirror or on their driver side mirror and you can see them with their head down looking at their phone.
  • They’re driving too damn slow, 20mph in a 45mph in a Ferrari.

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