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Many people don’t realize their retirement accounts are in danger. While most accounts are in good hands, some brokers and advisors take advantage of clients, leading them to investments that just aren’t in their best interest…and their clients don’t have a clue.

President Obama

Poor man’s Example:

Your adviser/investor that managers your portfolio knows a stock sucks and sells off all of his/company shares in that bad stock but sells you that same stock that he knows sucks to you. Not a nice business, especially when they’re hurting you in the pocket.

Close the Conflict of Interest Loophole Now!

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Hurricane Alex

Alex first became a hurricane in the eastern Atlantic Ocean Thursday January 14, 2016 making it just the second hurricane on record to form in that basin during the month of January.


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Death in the Family

John McGowan Retired Sanitation Worker Queens East 8

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