DSNY Fathers

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Sanitation Workers make Good Fathers

Strong shoulders waiting to be used,
After the shift,
Arms that can’t wait to be put around his child,
After his shift.

Mind wondering what his child is doing,
While doing his route,
Heart aching to be understood by his child,
Missing some moments.

Proud child of their father,
There is no failure,
Proud father of his child,
Standing tall.

The mutual need for each other,
The blood,
A father and his child,
Always the bond.

Poem inspired by James Franco and Matty Iadanza. Both Sanitation Workers who passed away too soon, but will always be remembered by their children.

Happy Fathers Day to all DSNY Fathers.


  1. Man, I was a cop for 22 years, and a single dad of three. That was great…brought a tear to my eye. Thanks!

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