DSNY Freedom Run

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This run consist of 3 Boroughs for me and John. and has probably been used a lot lately. It starts for me and John in Queens which we catch the F at 71st Ave. to NYCERS at 340 Jay St.

TIP: Don’t miss your stop or you will be going a little further then you think, you’ll be getting off at Smith and 9th Sts to catch the train back to Jay St. unless you get off on the next stop which is Bergen, there you will have to get out and cross the street to reenter at this station and the next station Carroll St. is the same.

Boy I wish I knew I didn’t have to get the form #521 notarized, of cause I waited to the last day to notarize., I sometimes could procrastinate as good as anybody out there, bad habit, I do it every Christmas.

Tip: You don’t have to notarize NYCERS FORMS, only NON-NYCERS FORMS, but you will need to prove who you are to them, make sure you don’t forget your ID and any important papers like birth and marriage certificates of everybody involved in that pension including yours.

Overall not a bad stop, it goes quick, there’s no real wait time, the actual time you spend with the agent depends on how many questions you have.

Important: Make sure you get a Receipt for Retirement Application #f541.

OK! You’re on your way.

Fiat Office – Room 821

Here you will turn your badge in or you can buy it, the prices are 49$ for Supervisor and 32$ for Sanitation Workers as of this posting, it must be paid in a Money Order, Don’t forget the receipt, you’re going to need it. Be prepare to go thru the metal detectors and have your ID ready. If you are into DSNY history and want to reflect a little(not to much) visit the 7th floor, there you’ll find some pictures and a glass display with some cool stuff.

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Human Resources

Here you are going to need the following before you can be seen, the #F541 you got at NYCERS, your Health Benefits Application completely fill out, Fiat badge receipt you got for paying or giving back the badge and your Sanitation ID which will get stamped RETIRED!
NOTE: If you have a Waiver Letter(if included in the package)

Here was we met Jorge from Q13 going thru the same process, Good Luck Jorge.

Office of Labor Relations

You will turn your Health Benefit Application in and it will be review for any problems, well that’s it.

Congratulations you are finish! Good Luck and Live Long and Prosper!


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