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DSNY giving an exam in 2021 chances

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First I want to make this perfectly clear, this is only a educated guess in my part, but all signs point to no new exam this year, but I could be wrong.

With all the problems this city is having with this virus I can not see how they can give this exam(Sanitation Worker), but what I can see is a lot of hiring from #5001 list due to the retirements of this past year. On top of that I could see them getting deep into that list. Only time will tell.

The powers that be know.

So if you’re in the #5001 list start getting your ducks in order.

    • February 9, 2015 at 10:00 pm #20634
      Samuel Rivera

      Get all your papers together and copies of those papers.

        Birth certificates for yourself, wife, children and any other of your dependents.
        Licenses including Marriage and Domestic Partner.
        High School Diploma or GED.
        Court papers of any kind of crime(s).
        Proof of where you live.
        Social Security card.
        DD214 (Military).
        Tax papers for a few years.

    • April 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm #166384
      Samuel Rivera

      What you need for a CDL in NY State!

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