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Everybody is always complaining that we don’t appear in the news unless someone screws up, well the next few weeks has us right up front with stories that we know happens around here all the time, DSNY always does the right thing.

One thing is almost certain, and that is we should be getting good press for at least a month due to the filing period for this job, a life changing job that will give some a chance to have a long and prosperous career and a decent pension.

I don’t know how many will apply, but it should be one of the largest ever, and hopefully a lot of them make it on in a few years, the list should move kind of fast once establish because of the retirements expected within the next few years and the old list has been closed since February 2014.

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For those taking the exam:

With every exam you take you get better at taking them, just remember to take this exam serious, because everybody else is taking it serious, if you fail its not the end of the world, but you will pass up a life changing experience, and a decent pension in a world where pensions are a thing of the past and not the norm at these troubling times in labor. Give yourself a chance to do well on Exam Day!

Some will take classes, some will not study and some might just wake up and just go take the test and let the chips fall where they may(like me). I don’t think any will help more than the other, but thats my opinion, whatever works for you is my advice. I could only guess that they will have some math, so brush up on that! There should also be some driving questions and the rest of the exam should be common sense questions.

Some things that might help your chances:

  • Get plenty of sleep leading to exam, treat it like a physical exam, you have to be alert and ready, it could get real ugly in there.
  • Get up early and gather yourself, papers, wallet with ID.
  • Take shower in AM to wake you up.
  • Eat a nice breakfast, not too big a meal, just enough to hold you for a couple of hours, it could be a long day, it all depends on you and your exam taking skills.
  • Brush up on your driving knowledge and your math.
  • Be prepare, extra pencil or pen, calculator if they let you.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, plan your route and expect problems getting to exam site(Murphys Law).
  • Don’t forget the date and time of exam!

Sanitation Worker FAQ

Notice of Examination

The City of New York Online Application System Website


Sanitation Workers go pink for Breast Cancer Month with the ribbon.

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