The Road To One Union

Kevin Rice – Dignity and Respect

Sanitationmen did not take any serious job actions immediately after the war and instead gave Mayor O’Dwyer the opportunity to deliver on some of his campaign rhetoric.

Wth the 1946-47 budget came down the line, the Joint Board of AFL Locals demanded a 35% wage increase, which would bring their wages close to $1.25 per hour.

They also wanted 10 cents an hour or night work, time and a half for overtime and double time for Sundays. But their pleas were ignored by O’Dwyer, who was a big fan of the Police Department.

In fact, the only time Sanmen seemed to get their fair share of publicity was when the stopped a robbery or pulled someone from a burning building or when it snowed.

Somethings never change!

Who are we…

  • 7,197 Uniformed Sanitation Workers and Supervisors
  • 2,048 Civilian Workers
59 Districts and about 5700 Vehicles

  • 2,230 collection trucks
  • 450 mechanical street sweepers
  • 275 specialized collection trucks
  • 365 salt/sand spreaders
  • 298 front end loaders, and
  • 2,360 various other support vehicles