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Deputy Commissioner Solid Waste Mgt. Unit

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Deputy Commissioner Support Services

Deputy Commissioner Recycling and Sustainability

Director Personnel Management

Director Safety and Training

Director Cleaning and Collection



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Sanitation Worker


  1. Hello,

    I am an architect in New York.

    We’re involved in a competition’ with the theme of recycling and we are interested in working with a material that gets recycled and condensed to use as our structure.. After the summer we would re-recycle the material. It is early in the design so we are hoping to meet with someone about potential materials, potential places we can “borrow” material from, and if this could be a potential sustainable marketing tool.

    Does anyone know of specific facilities we can visit to see the physical material in person? Or is there a specific person we can contact? We’re interested in metals, plastics, rubber and glass.

    Thank you for your help.

          1. I haven’t had any luck getting in touch with Vito. My brother is on sanitation and mentioned contacting someone at Floyd Bennett Field. Apparently he went to a training session there were they talked in depth about recycling. Does that sound promising to you? I’ve called lots of numbers and have not had success!

            Thanks again for any advice,

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