Couldn’t do it without them. First, you have the District, which has a Civilian Clerk and a Super’s Clerk, and in some districts there are two of each.

What do they do?

Well in most cases they run the districts as far as filling out books, forms and filing goes, but that is just the beginning. When you, or almost anybody screws up, it’s usually the Super’s Clerk fixing it up. If there is one underrated job in this Department it has to be the Super’s Clerk, throw in a Civilian Clerk and you have a good team handling the district and making everybody happier and making it easier for everybody.

Then you have the Boro Clerks they too, help in creating a good atmosphere and are in constant collaboration with downtown and the districts.

Some of these people have been very kind to me and have become good friends, some of them have taught me more than just the board, like my first Super’s Clerk Mr. Robert Veltri, he taught me how to read the racing form and was very good in looking out for me, especially when I was the bottom person in Q8 for almost 3 1/2 years, that went for almost everybody in that district in those days. And for that I say Thank You Q8 and especially Bobby.


If anybody sees Bobby say “Whats up?”

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