The Money Train, this is our bread and butter.

It seems like just yesterday we were picking up 6 to 7 tons a day with 3 men, well guess what?

We are doing that times 3, in just 20-25 years we have improve collection 3 fold.

Let’s do the math, old school, lets use long division. 7 tons * 3 = 2.3 tons per Sanitation Worker. Now 12 tons * 2 Sanitation Workers = 6 tons each Sanitation Worker as oppose to 2.3 tons that was being picked up back then, that’s 3 times the production for each Sanitation Worker.

It has been  just over 30 years when recycle first started we were up to 8 tons per crew of household waste which is double the weight that was being picked up just a little over 5 years or so before that time.  

Oh boy! You know what that means, we are shooting to quadruple the 2.3 per man which was being picked up, which adds up to 9 tons per person now * 2 Sanitation Workers which equals 18 tons per crew.


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