This also could be an easy shift, but they don’t call it the Graveyard Shift for nothing, like I said before, you can sleep for 16 hours before your shift, and when 3am, 4am, or 5am rolls around, you start feeling it, especially after a day off.

If no Relays, good nite, if relays it could go either way, all you think about its getting out the door in morning, and that’s the main objective of the night.

Reports and Books are your other main concerns, I always thought a nice Prayer before the night starts helps.

Winter is totally a different scenario, HECTIC, HECTIC, HECTIC. HAGN

Sanitation Worker

Same problems that everybody else has except for one major thing, a lot more dangerous!

First of all you have to work in the dark most of the night and the body has a tendency to be a little more relax at night, even if you have had 8 hours sleep before your shift.

Some days are harder to stay focus but focus you must.

Important: Try to get as much sleep before this shift.