Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium

1933 – 1933 George McAneny

Vacant from September 29, 1933 to September 29, 1933.

1933 -1934 Ernest P. Goodrich

1934 – 1936 Thomas W. Hammond

Thomas W. Hammond was acting commissioner from March 7, 1934 to June 2, 1934.

1936 – 1945 William F. Carey

On May 27, 1936, Mayor Fiorella H. LaGuardia of New York, appointed William F. Carey Commissioner of Sanitation for the City of New York. He was promised a free hand to reorganize the Department. He had many disagreements with various civic and community groups but went ahead and accomplished his mission. He built the morale of the workers by putting them in snappy white uniforms trimmed with orange. All procedures were changed from keeping the streets clean to removing snow. He developed new machines and was very successful in keeping the streets clean and plowed in the winter. Mr. Carey started a welfare fund and purchased a fancy estate on Long Island for vacations for the workers and their families. Rich families did everything to oppose this purchase. After a legal fight, they were forced to leave on a zoning technicality. They purchased an alternate in Dutchess County where they were welcomed.