The following is a few of the words used to communicate your day at DSNY, its a language all in its own, for a complete list get a copy of Robin Nagel’s Picking Up.

  • MarriedIts not what you think!

    When two people work together all the time.

  • Hopper JuiceIts not for drinking!

    The liquid generated from the hopper.

  • BangedYep! They can do that.

    When you get written up(Charged) for something you did or didn’t do.

  • BeatSeniority

    Senior men/woman have junior men beat(by date and then list number.

  • Disco RiceSaturday Night Fever its not.

    Maggots moving to the beat.

  • Body bags or Sausage bagsHeavy bags

    Those heavy bags you see placed out in front of apartment buildings

  • Minute manAlso for women.

    When you come in at the last minute to work.

  • MongoThis will get you in trouble.

    When you take something from the route for your own use.

  • SlugA slow worker.

    A person who always works slow.

  • SlugfestA long day for the Supervisor.

    A group of slow workers.

More: Department of Sanitation slang

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