DSNY New Jack City 2015

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Welcome aboard New Jacks 2015

Reminder or Just saying:
Welcome to your new career, enjoy the day/night/shift, but remember to be safe out there(Number one goal of the day-everyday) Safety Always.

Just a little bit of advice to all of you, you will be observed while you are in that uniform and no one wants to make it through probation more than you, I would assume if you want to keep this job.

Well, there’s no more easier way to have your probation extend or employment terminated than getting civilian complaints. These complaints go on file and depending on the complaint, complainant and evidence you could get at least a warning and/or a complaint from DSNY, its never a good idea getting into problems with the public even if you are right, it makes sense to avoid these situations at all cost.

Hint! Get a Supervisor to scene.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
Always be prepare!

Top reasons that will get you in trouble while on probation:

  • Drugs or Alcohol related incident(On duty or Off duty).
  • Awol(s) or lateness incident(s).
  • Accident(s).
  • Too many sick days or incidents/Lodi’s.
  • Insubordination.
  • Civilian complaint(s).
  • Bad evaluation.
  • Uniforms
  • Tools(Not having or wrong tools)
  • Misc. Warning(s)/Complaint(s)(Too many to list).
  • Social Media(New)
  • Don’t get arrested for anything and don’t report it! See Ya!

Live long and Prosper!

Semper Fi DSNY! Curtis Jackson “Just taking out the trash”

Safety First and Always

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