dsny supervisor hatOne of those jobs they can’t teach, you could go to school forever, but until you go out there and do it, you will never learn. Why do you think DSNY gives new officers all that OJT in the districts. While I have had many jobs over the years, this is the one where it seems I’m learning something everyday, It sure ain’t a boring job. The busiest of position has to be the 8-4 Garage, where you have the most reports and the most going ons. The 8-4 is also responsible for everything under the sun around the garage. The Section Officer is probably the next busiest, in which everything that happens in the street, is your responsiblity. The 12-8 Garage would have to be my choice for the next busiest, as you have to make sure everything that was not done from the prior 2 shifts, are done, and you have to be good and sometimes lucky to get out the door in the morning with the least possible problems,”Which sometimes is easier said than done”.

How to Write a Good Accident or Incident Report

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