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Welcome to the NYC Department of Sanitation

It all begins in FBF (Training), then off into a brand new career, and just keep in mind for the remainder of your career “SAFETY FIRST”.

After your training you will be assigned to a district where you are at for your career or until you put a transfer to another location.

The first 30 days in your district will be spent days, enjoy it while it last, after that you will be nights for a while, in some cases for a very long time (couple of years).

If at any time you have a problem, you will have a lot of help to navigate the do’s and don’ts.

Sources to answers are your peers, supervisor and most importantly your shop stewards.

Something’s to keep in mind:

Safety First!

Ignorance is not bliss; keep up with the rules (a lot of those).

Be on time.

They will terminate you! Especially during your probation, if they see you might be a problem for the next 22 years or more.

Sam doing collection

circa 1990

Oh what a job, one of the most honorable and desired jobs out there, there ain’t too many jobs where people don’t want to see you, but they know when you don’t pass around. Well I am fortunate to have a job like that. You will constantly hear me say us, we and such, because even though I am a supervisor, I still feel I am a sanitation worker. I took the exam for this job on September 24, 1982, why would I remember this date?, I was on my way to Brooklyn Hospital to take my wife, because she was in labor, I was told that she will be in labor for a few more hours and my wife said go take the exam across the street in Brooklyn Tech High School, which I was not schedule to take there, I was supposed to take the exam in Franklin K. Lane H.S. on the same day. Thank God for passing the school and the line when going to the hospital, I went to Brooklyn Tech and asked if I could take the exam there because of the situation I was in, well they said yes, and the rest is history. Oh yes, after finishing exam and 5 minutes after me arriving to the delivering room, my wife gave birth to my son Brian , talk about faith. TYW


CD/Spoken Word, Brilliance Audio, 2014, ISBN13 9781480569058, ISBN10 1480569054
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