End of Summer 2017

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Yes, things change around the place after August, Winter is on everybody lips. Let the scheming and jockeying begin. The yearly migration begins. NIGHT PLOW YEA!

Hope everybody had a nice summer and made some good memories. Keep those memories close especially over the winter it keeps you going on when you’re having one of those nasty night(s), those memories will remind you why you’re out there.

Do yourself the favor and start planning your winter, the department does, you should too.

If you’re in the neighborhood πŸ™‚

DSNY Family Old Timers Day

Saturday September 16, 2017

In Loving Memory

Ralph Bockino Retired Superintendent Bronx 6

Anthony Moliterni Retired Sanitation Worker

Larry Russo Retired Sanitation Worker Brooklyn North 2

Robert E. Dicks Retired Sanitation Worker Manhattan 6 Supers Clerk

Vincent Gaeta Staten Island 1

Jeffrey Bloise Retired Supervisor Safety and Traning

John Ardizone Retired Chief Brooklyn North and Manhattan

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