Supervisors, Sanitation Police Officers and Enforcement Agents


Well writing summons are not for the faint of heart, but you can not do your job and not know about issuing them . These pages should help you in writing and issuing problems. The main thing to remember, it is a tool we use to get people and establishments to cooperate with recycling, cleaning and collection laws. And believe you me they do work. Me personally, I would rather just fix the problem, verbally with the offender, but sometimes that can not be achieved(person not there), that’s where a nail and mail, or a parker and a sticker comes in.

Recycling summons are the least expensive of the summons, and the parkers(Restricted and ASP) are followed

after the sticker is attached to the rear window of vehicle(Never attach on an area blocking the view of the driver). These stickers is one of the most annoying things that goes on in this city, if you don’t believe me, here are some of what NYC thinks about them.


These things don’t come out with warm water easy and if you do plan on getting it off as oppose to just leaving this ugly thing on, it’s going to cost you some time and, there might be some glue and/or paper still remaining. 

Keep in mind that there is no quota on how many summons to be issued on any given day, they are days when no summons are to be issued, like some holidays and some religious days, if for any other reason, that will be transmitted to you by your immediate Supervisor and/or teletype.


How about the ECB’s, well the recycling ones are the easiest to spot, because to my amazement, NYC has not gotten it yet on recycling, and some people just don’t want to recycle, as you can see the cardboard thru the black bag(picture below), what people don’t understand, the sanitation worker will not take these bags, and when the bags are spotted by the supervisor or enforcement agent, they have a $25 summons, maybe for some of these people they have it like that, some don’t. Cardboard like Newspaper and any other papers are to be either bundle and secure with twine or, in a clear translucent plastic bag, CLEAR NOT WHITE, or in a can/pail with a green recycling sticker which you could obtain by calling 311. 

cardboard in black bag

dsny green neon sticker

Keep in mind, using a cardboard box to put your household waste out for collection gets you a $100 summons for using an improper receptacle.

Recycling in NYC