Evaluations, should you be concern?

In DSNY Life by Samuel Rivera

It depends!

For the majority the answer is no, because they see DSNY as a job and only a job, which I think its the best approach. Bottom line, just come in everyday do your job to the best of your ability, go home safe and let the chips fall where they may.

The way I was taught was that these evaluation(s) were used to improve the workforce insight into what can be done to improve their work ethic deficiency or strengths and gives the employee something to look at that can be used to improve their lot on this job.

The evaluation system is not perfect but has improved over the years

What actually happens (not all the time).


These evaluation are crazy, they are done at end of the year when the Supervisor is hard press in getting them complete when other things around them are more pressing like weather(storms and snow events) and he/she is getting pulled in all directions.

With that said what happens really is discouraging for some that think that they should have a better evaluation than what they were given. Those supervisors in no fault to themselves will try to get these done and not make more work for themselves and just keep it simple and to avoid giving out superior or unsatisfactory because those evaluations have to be justified and comments have to be made (more work when you are already swamped with the current workload).

Throw in that some of these people are working different shifts and the supervisor doing the evaluations doesn’t have a good idea on how those workers are really doing(not all the time) or Supervisors are working out of town and really can’t handle these evaluations without a little help from all around him/her.

Some improvements

Over the years they have improved the system or at least the paper work and policies , for example, I believe there are some checks involved to make it more transparent(not 100%). There are some flaws, but for the majority of the workers they’re not concerned with the evaluation system, satisfactory is fine for them, just leave me alone syndrome forms upon us.

Information is pulled from all kind of sources.

  • Sick/Lodi records.
  • Complaints/Warnings
  • Civilian complaints
  • AWOL/Lateness log

If you have a problem with a evaluation you receive you should be concern if you fit into any of the below categories.

  • On probation.
  • On promotion list.
  • If you are planning or thinking about moving up the food chain.
  • If you are looking for a special position, for example: Safety, Sanitation Police or Operations.
  • If you are so proud of your work history and want to be notice.
  • If you have someone or entity trying to get you fired or making your life hard.

If any of these situations should arise, speak to your union representative, on what to do.

Happy Evaluation 🙂

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Final thought:

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.